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Re: Antonella

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I agree!  Sometimes, we just need to shake things up.  Step out of our comfort zone.  Have a little fun.  She lost weight,  she's dressing more stylishly now and the blonde hair and lighter makeup is just part of the "new"  Antonella.  



@Chrystaltree:  Yeah!!!  


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Re: Antonella

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Love her My opinion it is not the color....she is in need of a new hair style!!!!

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Re: Antonella

Obviously a wig.  Looks cute.

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Re: Antonella

Not to be mean at all but I saw her this morning and I think it was a wig. Which is fine. Maybe it got damaged from the coloring process.

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Re: Antonella

Yes, Diva, it’s so sad some of these posters don’t see her beauty. I know in my heart she would never sound as cruel and judgmental as some of these bored individuals.  

I was taught “beauty is as beauty does” .okkkaayyy


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Re: Antonella

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