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Re: Antonella's Latest Update Todoay.

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I am grateful that the link to the most recent video was posted here.

My prayers for her are certainly going to continue.

Dealing with my mom's cancer over the past few years it really broke my heart to hear the most recent video from Antonella. Nothing easily mapped out for you and things are always changing with this kind of thing!! Especially when you are dealing with cancer in several different areas.  And none of it you're really prepared for!! 

I am grateful for all of us that are praying for her as I do feel that's what she truly needs.  I would not wish any of what she is going through on anyone and everyone's best thoughts I am sure will be felt by her.


And if she did have a Go Fund Me I would hope that someone would share that information here as well. I am thinking of joining her Patreon if none is set up.


As others have shared getting an apartment with no regular income is difficult.  Where I live in Boston you need to prove that you make 40 times the monthly rent per year to qualify....  


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Re: Antonella's Latest Update Todoay.

I am going to speak in generalities here.


If people want to donate their money to a well known personality, that is their choice.





I personally find it more than just a bit "tacky" for a known personality to beg for financial assistance.




To be clear, I am not saying that Antonella is doing this!



As I said, I am just speaking in generalities.

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Re: Antonella's Latest Update Todoay.

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