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Re: Antonella on beautiful in her own right.

@Mindy D wrote:

It’s definitely a wig. The prettiest part of Antonella is her infectious smile. She is always laughing and pleasant. I love it when she’s on. I’m glad to see her selling things beside jewelry. She’d be awesome in a cooking show. 








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Re: Antonella on beautiful in her own right.

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  • Why are you shrieking then?
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Re: Antonella on beautiful in her own right.

I would love to see Antoinella beautiful in her own right as well.  I understand how hard it is to keep retouching up grey roots but once the surprise wore off I think she is just as beautiful with either color.  I would be in heaven if I had one tenth of her gorgeous hair and I agree with you 100% about her new nails.  So much classier and attractive.  Makes her hands look even prettier.  God, It must be so hard to be under a microscope when you are on TV and every pore is visible.  Her wonderful personality lights up the room and I enjoy her shows very much.  Especially the jewelry!!.

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Just watched the video of the Diamonique show with Erin Mosley. LOVE Antonella's natural nails!! They are gorgeous and she is using a very pretty, subtle polish. Nothing garish or tacky glittery. So pleased she finally removed those long, faux nails. Plus, she will be able to play in her garden so much easier.


OK, didn't anyone else realize Antonella was wearing a blonde wig?? I'm 99% sure that is not her own hair. Her hair is too thick and gorgeous to go light and blonde with her skin coloring and complexion. Also, there is a wig show coming up! Think she's demostrating how many people can really be fooled by a wig. And, she apparently fooled a lot of QVC viewers. I've read the other post about her nails and hair . . . and had to comment in a seperate thread.


Love Antonella's nails. Her hands are beautiful. Enjoyed the videos for Diamonique with Erin, too!  


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Re: Antonella on beautiful in her own right.

I really like antonella but I donot like the blonde hair.  I think her hair was so pretty and full. I hope she goes back to her ntural color and just dye away the gray.

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Re: Antonella on beautiful in her own right.

Just love Antonella, but her hair is not her...she has the skin color for her dark hair and at one time she highlighted the brown color which looked so pretty.  I know she said she doesn't care what people say, she likes it.  But she needs to tone it down, too harsh for her complextion.  

Maybe she should have tried a wig first.  But if she likes it that's all that matters.


Nails look great!!