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Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

What a pleasure to watch the "new" hosy Anthony Heywood.   You can definitely see his experience and professionalism.   I would tune in to any of his shows.   

I am also impressed with Teri Conn and the other woman (I don't remember her name, sorry) who is young and into fitness (training for the Olympics!).   Both women are so good!   I am so impressed with this group of new hosts.   

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

I don't usually comment on hosts. But I have to chime in and agree. He is knowledgeable, charming, pleasant, and of course good looking (imho) and the ACCENT lol! He was selling Christmas decorations last night and I noticed his attention to detail. I would tune in to any show with him too lol!  (My daughter has her siri voice set to British Male on her iphone lol!)  I thought I recognized Terri Conn so I looked her up. She was a soap opera actress and that's what I knew her from. She's adorable and did such a good job last night selling a rug for the laundry room. I was tempted!

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

Courtney Webb is the name of the new host whose in training for the Olympics!!
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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

@NYCwoman I love his accent. More shows for him.

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

I was up late last night and watched him present the Christmas items. He is an excellent  host. I really enjoyed his attention to details, pricing honesty, and by that I mean he made mention of the full price, the ep, tax, and shipping charges. Icing on top is that he  has a very pleasant voice. 


If I had one thing I would change it would be the air kisses  that he was doing. I know that most of the hosts participate in the fake air kiss, but I so hate that. uGhhhh

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

I watched him too in the wee hours and he knows what he's doing. That being said, I'm not a fan of his British accent and after 20 minutes, he was on my last nerve so I changed the channel.

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

I adore Anthony already! I can't wait to see more of him. 


With that said, I love him and Mary Nelson. What ever happened to Katie? I liked her too. 


So far, I like Ali who's on now. She's calm and not hyper-active. I'm waiting to see Courtney Webb's turn. I've yet to see her (I know she's on during the Slatkin show).

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

I like Anthony very much; professional, warm and with a nice sense of humor to make presentations very enjoyable.


Ali Carr is another sensational new host. She is a natural, with a very pleasing presentation voice and style. 


I watched Katrina Szish this early morning hosting a show with Cathy Pedrayes.  During a kitchen presentation, Katrina was awful -- spilling a glass of wine on the demonstration table, and never really recovering. Things happen on live TV, but it became awkward.   However, she triumphantly rebounded in her fashion presentations!  Katrina's background is heavy in the fashion industry, and you could see her comfort and expertise shine, she was fantastic.  She's closer to 50 years old; I only bring that up because she stated she has 22 years at top fashion magazines as an editor.  That experience really brought good insight this morning when she talked about design and the fit of the items. 


I've only seen a couple of the other new hosts for short introductions in Mary Beth's shows.

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

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I have only seen Ali (I know her through Evine) and Anthony.  There good, so far. I prefer listening to a women's pleasant voice. (I know, I know)   I did like Bill Greens hosting on HSN though. (the exception)

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Re: Anthony Heywood is an excellent host

He seems professional - not crazy about his facial hair however