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@Lovemyboots wrote:

If my packages go totally thru UPS I get them fast & I GET them! But if they go thru mail innovations or the post office, then it is a toss of the dice as to when or IF you will receive your order!  In this day & time that is just rediculos & unacceptable!! 

Mail Innovations adds another 2-5 days to my delivery time...usually closer to 5. Tracking will show an item transferred to the USPS in the early AM on a Wed-Friday and it won't move until the next Tuesday, which means it gets delivered on Wednesday or later. The QVC EDD will add a few days to what it may have been in the past and an item will still be delivered days after that. I get that QVC doesn't control it once it leaves their warehouses but it does control the shipping prices and the method of delivery for standard orders. They should do whatever HSN does with shipping. The few things I order with them get shipped faster and received quicker than their own estimated delivery date