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I placed another order that got lost. No activity.  I called UPS, they said that they never received it.  It never left QVC's warehouse.  This is what UPS told me.  They said a tracking number was created but it's lost and that I need to phone where I placed the order.  I called QVC and they said oh, you'll get it but any time there's a package just sitting, I never get it.  Now, to order this again?  NO.  Why should I have to wait for weeks to receive something?  Wow, QVC's shipping is in the basement.


What a shame.  QVC, can't you please maybe charge a bit more for shipping and this kind of thing won't happen?  There seems to be a problem with packages getting out of the warehouses to the shipping companies, which ever ones are used.

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I've posted this before.....I ordered last Summer a Convert a Bench......LOST

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How does charging more for shipping make packages not get lost?  

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How could something as large as a convert a bench get lost! What a story they are telling on that one!
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A couple of years ago, a storage bench( the one with the covers and they fold up) never arrived and was presumed "lost". QVC sent me out an immediate replacement but that missing bench never did show up! If anyone may be using it, I hope they are enjoying it, LOL! I was just happy to get a replacement so promptly!
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". . .

QVC, can't you please maybe charge a bit more for shipping

. . ."





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@77yangya  I feel bad that happened to you. I know with millions of packages being shipped per day, hiccups are inevitable. I am well aware of porch piracy, due to regular media coverage in one form or another. I was surprised however, to learn of UPS drivers that steal packages. I won't go into much detail, but Google it. I am sure, if you are not already aware of this disturbing trend, you will be surprised too. Some are seasonal workers. Some have criminal histories, which leaves me wondering how they passed their background checks. Just something to think about. I receive most of my packages without incident, and still believe the system, although flawed, is still reliable.



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In my area, it's the Post Office who is losing the packages.  Since UPS has been partnering with them,some of mine have been found in the back room of the PO and according to the tracting information, had been there for several days.  UPS rarely delivers a package in my area anymore.  UPS sends the packages to a certain destination and from there the PO takes over.and is responsible for the delivery.  Maybe it works differently according to location.

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Going thru these posts, there seems to be a pattern forming.  Not good - not good at all.

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If my packages go totally thru UPS I get them fast & I GET them! But if they go thru mail innovations or the post office, then it is a toss of the dice as to when or IF you will receive your order!  In this day & time that is just rediculos & unacceptable!!