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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!


               Sending (((gentle hugs))) and healing prayers across the miles to you, @CashierJudy.❤️


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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

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I am not a Quacker "fan" per say, but I have bought a couple cat t-shirts and Christmas motifs that are beautifully embroidered.  They are well made and sizing seems to be consistent---maybe Angel should have mentioned that too.....


Just looking at the models wearing what's supposed to be "trendy" shows that not all body shapes are compatible with the latest "trends".....These peplum tops, shark bite, and "diaper style" hems, and cold shoulder tops look downright awful on certain shapes. 


And when jeans or pants are skin tight and you can see every lump and bump ---that's NOT attractive at all!!  And when there's an item that they only show the XXS and S models that's a clue....BUYER BEWARE unless you wear those smaller sizes.....


I think its a bit humorous that ALL the QVC main channel clothing lines look the same, you can't tell one brand from another these days.......and QVC for what its worth I DONT CARE WHAT THE CELEBRITIES WEAR OR THINK!!!


Funny how  QVC apparel sales are down too...I think some of that must be due to price and styles offered....B&M stores have much more of a variety and better prices too......


As @Pook said wear what style is right for you .....So @CashierJudy  maybe NOT being trendy and instead wearing clothes that looks good for our body shape and fits properly should be viewed as a compliment!!!! Woman Very Happy

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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

I like Angel and liked Jeanne Bice, too.  She was a hoot.  What I miss about QF is all the button front shirts that were really good quality and the cardigans w/all the seasonal themes that Jeanne had. 


Now about all we see are t-shirts and 3/4 sleeves.  I get so tired of seeing them.  I don't wear t-shirts, but I know a lot of people do.


That being said, I'm sure the button front shirts and cardigans would be much more expensive these days and maybe cost prohibitive to produce, but I do miss them.

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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

I have always dressed according to my taste and style, comfort zone and without following trends or what's in.  I live my life that way too, I am my own person, I believe in being a leader and not a follower.


With all that being said, I would think the Q would respect that we all are different in tastes and styles and Quacker has as much interest as any other fashion statement on the Q.  I know there are those on the Q who think themselves fashion mavens and for them, that is fine.  But being individual in taste and style is just as fashionable and wanting to be comfortable and wear what makes you happy and not when is in at that time, is commendable.


I'm sure Quacker has a following and certainly there is a place for it on the Q as much as a top designer has a place.  Do what you want, not what others push or what trend is currently on the runway.  Wear what is comfortable, makes you feel good and do not care what others think or say.  Being your own person has many perks !

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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

Quacker Factory tends to do basically the same thing season after season, year after year.  I can only use s small bit of sparkle and rhinestones in my wardrobe and I got maxed out years ago.  They do a lovely embroidered piece, then ruin it with glitter.   Many people grow weary of all this glitter. 


QF also stubbornly refuses to make petite sizes just because of the figure faults of Jean Bice.  How about the millions of women who are truly petite and need that sizing?  They lose tons of sales and customers.


They are stale and only appeal to a certain small segment of viewers.

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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

I'd take QF over Lori G's expensive clothes. That is one line I don't like.

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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

@Chrystaltree wrote:

I really don't care about being trendy or not being trendy; I buy from the designers that work for me.  In my case it's WWC, Kim Gravel, Lisa Rinna and Martha Stewart.  And occasionally a top from QF.  There was a time when QF and D&Co were my "go to" QVC designers but looks/trends/styles/fabrics evolve over time and I moved on.  QVC has added many new designers and obviously QVC has to attract younger customers.  It sounds like Angel was a little emotional because QF isn't a tier one brand anymore.  We will see it on Q2 and the off hours, for the most part.  That only means one thing, it means QF isn't as profitable as other brands. And that's because QF has chosen to remain in it's "niche".  It hasn't grown or changed since our dear Jeanne passed.  What has happened to QF is not about the customers being "stale",  it's about the QF brand being stuck in a rut.  QF the brand never found the balance between being true to their vision and updating their styles so they are not attracting new customers.  


I loved Jeanne and enjoy Angel but your comment about QF being stuck in a rut is spot on.   I have some QF and they are of excellent quality and would buy more if they did not have sequins on just about everything.  I do love to sparkle and shine just not all the time.  Many have commented they watch Angel's shows because they enjoy her not to buy so herein lies part of the problem.  I will purchase new Thanksgiving and Christmas sweatshirts but that's about it.


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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

@CashierJudy wrote:

I always enjoy Angel and the Quacker presentations. As I was awake at 5am I watched her on QVC2. I had read several comments on her video that people wanted to know why she was relegated to non-peak times for her shows and why she seemed to mostly be on QVC2. And now on Fashion Days she was on QVC2 at 5am.
So this morning she made a comment that made me pause...... She said something like "even though QVC doesn't consider us to be trendy or trending, we offer a product......" etc and went on the talk about the Quacker clothing.

I spend a ton of money with QVC. And I mostly shop Denim & Co, Isaac Mizrahi and some QF for clothing. I am clearly not trendy. Made me stop and think. I guess I should have known QVC considers me stale! 

So, to any of you out there who aren't trendy either, welcome to the Stale Sisters! 
I think the Q will take my stale money anyhow!  Thanks for reading.....and sorry if it seems I'm whining. I'm not. I'm really happy to be alive, as a cancer patient, and don't mind being stale at all!
Love to all of you this morning!



@CashierJudy  Hysterical!

I am also happily a member of the stale sisterhood. Being a 15 year lung cancer survivor, I wish you a speedy cancer recovery Smiley Happy

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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!

Oh my, Susan Louise! Congratulations!  I'm so thankful that you are cured!
Lung cancer is more treatable than it was but is still tough. I have a cousin who has lived with it for years....she's had so much treatment.  Now the tumors in her lungs are like deflated balloons, which I'd never heard of.  But she is still functioning well.
God bless!

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Re: Angel this Morning...Oh no I'm not Trendy!


Your "Stale Sisters Club" gave me a laugh!👍