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I always wonder how the “producers chatting in their ears” contributes to the scattered or disjointed presentations. It seems so difficult to be managing the vendor, managing the customer and managing whatever is being fed through that earpiece. Some look calm and seem to integrate it into their discussions. Others, and I think Amy falls into this group, seem hyper responsive to what is being said - thus exacerbating the speedy chat and commentary.
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I was interested to read your response as I have found increased anxiety with certain sounds, including voices.


I'm wondering if Hyperacusis might be an issue. 


I have given up watching most Q hosts, and cannot even have them on as background noise without getting anxious and irritated.

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@Love my grandkidsI am so tired of people using the excuse that so and so is just expressing their opinion, as though that is a reason to allow everyone to tear each other down.  And yes, I realize I am expressing opinions and  observations, but the negative comments on the web between people or about people they don't even know is exhausting.  It saddens me to see how people rip each other to shreds and use the computers/tablets/phones as some kind of anonymous shield for critiquing others.  I understand not every single person does this, but it appears that even during the holiday season someone cannot say something positive, or is unable to just keep that opinion to themselves.  With that said, I wish a happy and healthy new year to you all.

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@cbrite wrote:




Scattered, very childish, jumpy, jittery, antsy, nervous, hyper voice and body movements beyond extremes, high pitch vocally and rapid, high strung, not able to understand her presentations, disorganized performance, unprepared and simply not watchable for me




............eta::: I have felt bad all night that I wrote this...but it's how I feel.


@cbrite You said nothing that was not true.  Professionalism does not involve constant handclapping & outbursts during an entire hour of presenting products.


I thought I would never say this, but does anybody remember the calmness in Lisa R's voice (who Amy replaced)....never a rise in her voice ...calm and soothing ... like Mary Beth & Sandra B.  I think Amy is nervous about being around "celebrities".   Some posters are cruel, but in this case, truth prevails.

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Love Amy....such a sweetie.

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I agree with you! If you have nothing nice to say - SAY NOTHING and don't watch!!