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Yes Amy was demonstrating the TSV by Calista tools.  I thought it was a huge inprovement from her normal hair style.  I doubt though she will be sporting that look for the long game.

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A vendor complimented her hair last night, at which time Amy said someone( didn't catch the name) playing with the Calista TSV styled her hair during the demo for that TSV....

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20221206_081914 (2).jpg

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Maybe she got a hairdresser that actually knows how to do hair.  That Maria person certainly does not.

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I think Amy always looks good.  Her previous style was fine with me.  It was a little edgy but certainly stylish for today's styles.  But, I prefer her more natural darker color.

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The hair now looks better,at least she has one color.The lady that does her hair does not do a good job.She is there to sell her tools!

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and an adult?? What?