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Amazon has monthly pays, no interest, no fees. Has anyone bought-chosen this payment method? Reviews?


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Yes.  I purchased three items this way from Amazon.  No problems at all.  You will be emailed a schedule of the payment due dates and amount.  You can also see status on your order page.


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@skittles2 I haven't but I don't really use Amazon.


However, if I did and they have their own easy pay which is what monthly is, I'd use it.  I don't buy what I can't afford to pay for in the month I buy, but I always use EZP when it's offered (no Q card for me). 


I used to choose EZP because I could leave a few dollars in the bank to earn interest and even though right now, that's not happening I haven't changed my habits.


With short-term interest so low and expected to stay low, a company as rich as Amazon should be easily able to extend credit to its buyers.   


As a consumer, I'd just be disciplined and not build up so many  monthly pays that by month 3 I'd have more than a dozen to monitor.  I've had a dozen here at the Q occasionally, but that's my personal limit.  After that I just pay until some are gone.

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Not sure I have ever seen this I buy a lot from Amazon, have to look next time I buy something

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I did it, no problems at all and would 10000% do it again, especially on such an expensive piece of furniture. Also, it arrived at our house in about 3 days Smiley Happy

You'll see the monthly charge, same date every month and can track on website (payments, # left etc.). Similar to easy pay.

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I have used it and I like it.  I do have a question about Amazon.  I have been ordering for a few years now and I was suppose to receive an order yesterday I got my notification it was being delivered.  I then get an email saying there was an issue delivering my package and it is ready for pick up at the post office.  Has anyone else had this happen?

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I have been shopping with Amazon for years and I still do not see any monthly it for just selected items or is it a credit card they offer or is it at the check out?  I just ordered this week and did not have or see that option...please advise Smiley Happy

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I haven't seen that, but I don't order from Amazon extremely often.  I generally pay as I go, but might try it with Amazon if I have a larger purchase.  I consider EZ pay on the shopping channels as a trap, so avoid it unless it's a larger purchase.  I think the last time was for the Haiirmax which also had a 6 month return.  The really ridiculous ones are when they have 5 EZ pays and they're pushing it for an autoship that you're going to get every 3 months.  I often use the interest-free option on my Belk account since I only tend to shop there 2 to 3 times/year so no chance of building up.  

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It's for select items, higher cost that are coming directly from an amazon warehouse. We bought a large solid wood & glass credenza that was around $1,500,they gave us 6 months, we paid for it in 4.


I do believe though more items fall under 'Promotional Financing' with their credit card. Lower cost as well, but iI think $150 is the cheapest.

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I bought a kindle paperwhite last year over the holidays for 99.00. I used the payment plan for 5 months. No issues whatsoever!! I'd do it again!!!