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I agree I used it a few times and I love it.   I love Amazon period.  

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@GabbyAnn wrote:

Yes.  I purchased three items this way from Amazon.  No problems at all.  You will be emailed a schedule of the payment due dates and amount.  You can also see status on your order page.


Very much like QVC, expect the first payment is more because it includes the taxes.

@GabbyAnn just a FYI, the 1st payment at QVC is not higher, all payments are equal b/C QVC spreads the taxes and S&H out across the easy payments. HSN & Shop HQ do the opposite. With them axes and S&H are charged in the 1st payment only, thus making that payment higher than the subsequent payments.

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I bought a terrific dust buster on the monthly payment plan. It all went very well.

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I buy a lot of ‘stuff’ on Amazon, but I just pay for it.  I will continue to pay up front for it.


My daughter stayed with me for 5 months when I broke my back in March.  I used Amazon before that, but she opened a whole new world for far as ordering everything on line.


She’s 40.  This is the generation that does just that...orders everything on line.  They are so trusting on giving out their credit card numbers.  If they get ‘hit’ as far as people breaking the law they just figure that’s just part of doing business.


Myself and I think my generation) worries about credit cards stolen, etc.


She signed me up (spread sheet) on auto bill pay, etc.


I did have to take charge a few times Ha!  But for the most part, she’s my daughter that I get along with the best.


I stopped using easy pays on Qvc ( my idea).  It cut down on me ordering so much useless errrr stuff ( not junk...stuff).

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A while ago, I bought outdoor furniture from Amazon and used the monthly payment plan.

Loved it.  NO issues and would do it again if I made a big money purchase.

I love Amazon - they have the best customer service - almost as good as LL Bean.


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As stated, it's on some items.  I've seen it and used it for my first Fire tablet many years ago.



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