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Am I crazy or is the "recently on air" button gone?  I like to see what was aired during the day but I can't find how to get there!  Or am I just having a "moment?"

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Go to Shop QVC TV... it's first on the list

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@Lisamartha    Somebody else said that yesterday.  Do you have 3 red horizontal bars over the word "Menu"?  That will take you to Shop QVC TV, then to Items Recently Aired

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Re: Am I crazy?

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I'm using a tablet with Crome...there's a button that changes between Search & Recently On Air & the Menu doesn't have Recently On Air. I have to hit Watch Live & at the top there's 2 options, ROA & Program Guide.

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Re: Am I crazy?

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Or hit the Q button in the middle of the top bar, then you'll see the "recently on air" button you are looking for.



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I noticed that yesterday when I went to look at Jen's show.

I thought it used to just be at the top header, did I imagine that? simple click from home page. (Yes, I realize these things are "first world problems"...)


Now, either go to "Watch Live", then you can choose the show/channel you want, and then click on "Items recently on air."


Or the Menu three red bars, second choice is IROA.





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Leah just announced the Q is having king technical difficulties. CANNOT PLACE ORDERS!!!
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Mine is in Words on my Kindle and my desk top.  Also in words on my phone. (Samsung). My 3 horizontal lines are for printing, save as. history, bookmarks etc.


Upper right




click down arrow and  Items recently on air is first choice.


I use it all the time...many times yesty and now today.