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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

@Othereeeen wrote:

I have a question.




What government program covers tattoos?


I see a LOT of completely tattooed women paying in Walmart with ACCESS cards ( food stamps) here in PA where I live....I always want to ask them that...


"How do you have money for all those tattoos but I have to pay for your groceries today?"


But they're usually too busy looking at thier I-phone while the clerk rings up the cart.



I have no tattoos.  I think they look like dirt from a distance and not much better close up.


But they REALLY get me when I see them covering the outstretched arm of someone paying for a cart full of groceries with an ACCESS card...especially in our Walmart that has "We're HIring" placards right at the registers.




@Othereeeen   Wow.  I have to admit, I'm just a bit surprised to see this rant from you.


So this went from responding about tattoos to a reprehensible generalization denigrating people on food assistance.  


We are not all the same, or fortunate to have never needed assistance.  It comes at varying stages of one's life, or from cradle to grave.  


Perhaps those people you mention had those tattoos before they got on food stamps.  Perhaps some of them completed tattoo designs from the ones they got while in the military.   Perhaps they got them from unregistered tattoo parlors, goodness knows there are hundreds of those around.  


Since you added this additional dig, did you know many Walmart workers are homeless and live in their cars because even with a job they still cannot afford housing for their families?  


Please do ask them your serious question, please do.  Then let us know what responses you get.   

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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

Well---both my kids--in their 40's now--have tats. DD has her nose pierced on one side and DS has both ears pierced----as well as alot of tats--while I am unscathed except for my ears--it doesn't really bother me much anymore.  Altho---I have to admit--nose rings really are something I  dislike-, don't think in the least that they are attractive--just me tho-----and then seeing these gorgeous brides in beautiful dresses walk down the aisles and are covered with dark tattoos, just spoils the whole ambiance of it all. I end up staring at the ink instead of the whole picture---

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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

No.  You have the right to feel the way you do.  I totally agree with you it's very distracting.

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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

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@Caaareful Shopper 


I didn't mean to offend anyone, and, I KNOW they "could have" gotten the tattoos decades ago....( she was a youngish woman, maybe in thirties).


And NO I won't ask that question.of them ..because out in the parking lot,  they probably have a 500. dollar gun with a box of ammo in the glove box.


You can tell pretty much which people are down on their luck and those that make a career out of collecting.


 EXample...I currently have TWO career "disabled" living next door....mid forties, can't (excuse me- won't) work, but can drive to the Club for Bingo once a week, mow and weekwhack and play with firewood ( stacking, rolling the large butts, etc...) and when they're done with thier day ( that starts at 2PM or later and ends at 5 three days a week!!!) they have a relaxing can of beer and stare at the clouds while smoking a ciggie.


Come on now.


I in NO WAY think there are not many people who may need assistance, and I certainly don't bedrudge them..

But there ARE those you can tell do not.


It gets disheartening...the .people who live next door? WHen I was their know...into my third decade of work.


And I went to work PLENTY of days when things hurt, or I was too tired, or I didn't wanna wahhhhh.


Fake Disability is a HUGE money maker...and this is AFTER bilking whatever State one lives in of State Welfare Benefits, which ARE limited, and then bouncing over to Federal bennies. For LIFE.


There are MANY Job Opening signs where I live.


Get. A. Job.


Get TWO jobs. I did before my career started.


TWO jobs.
 62 year old tired out old man neighbor, who is out of shape, goes to work every day, five days a week, full time. 



But in light of the fact it may be as disturbing to people that read my note ( as disturbed as I was at seeing what I saw that day)...I will  refrain, and be more understanding.


Maybe there's some kind of benefit I can get for being upset?


After all....I'm sure she had a hard day of Social Media scrolling planned for after shopping.


And YES when the clerk asked me "Do you want to contibute a dollar to fight hunger"?


I told her...I just did!!! 


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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

I don't have any, I've never cared for them on me. I have many family members that have them, some are pretty others are what were they thinking. 

I've also been to weddings where the huge sleeve tattoo took away from her look in my opinion.

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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

@rms1954 wrote:

@Tshirtgal wrote:

I turned on the Isaac show this afternoon hosted by Melissa McGoff. She was presenting sandals.  Her fore arms are full of tattoos.  I am not sure what they all mean but they distracted from the product so I turned show off.  I would have thought the Q would ask for them to be covered while on air.  Am  I just being an old fuddy duddy about this?

If she were told my mgmt to cover them, it would be considered discrimination.  

In Texas, you have to cover them up to work at Whataburger and that's a fast food chain. 

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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?


Not all disabilities are physical, and not all physical disabilities prevent the person afflicted from doing anything physical, ever. I recommend you educate yourself on just how difficult it is to qualify for disability in the first place, and to keep qualifying every couple of years to prove you're still disabled.

I have a friend with a severe disability due to a mental problem. He is not a malingerer. I wouldn’t trade places with him for all the money in the world, and neither would you, if you bothered to educate yourself on the subject.
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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

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Sorry...I DO understand it better than you may think....having had a brother ( a  VIetnam veteran) who has now passed....he developed a brain tumor, had it removed, was then diagnosed with schizophrenia at 25, ( a mental illiness that is NOT apparent to the layman just looking at him...but talk to him a few moments?)...after on and off not taking his meds, he attempted suicide by gun at about 40 ( and survived a head shot thru the lower jaw that took out all his left side teeth, his left eye, and bullet remained in his head.


He was hospitalized for almost a year due to the physical and mental issues.


He was partially paralyzed on that side for the rest of his life.


He got VA benefits but even in his condition, which was obvious after that head wound, it took forever to qualify.


So please. HE was disabled.


My two neighbors in the my comment above? Come on now. When I see them staring at the sky with a ciggie and a beer at 3pm on a nice blood boils. What time is Bingo tonight honey??? 


The reason it's so onerous for the TRULY disabled  to qualify?


Because of rampant abuse, and the fact the application process is beyond a lot of people's education ability. 


Unfortunately, that net catches the REALLY disabled as well, making proving disability, if it's not glaringly obvious, a multiple attempt process.


That's why there's an entire industry of lawyers who's ONLY job is to "help you qualify".


They educate you on what to say when you see the judge who decides your eligibiliy case. They tell you what to say and not say. They tell you HOW to make make sure you qualify the second attempt.


Then, go  bounce over  to You Tube...there are DOZENS of videos coaching people how to make sure to say "the right things" in court to qualify.


If you are REALLY disabled, with REAL medical issues,  and there are MANY who are, I don't dispute that, it shouldn't be this hard. 


But that's the reason is is...malingers, professional "collectors", lifelong learned responses in families who are//were generational collectors.


I had an acquaintance who worked in the local SocIal Services office ...she told stories ( no names....this is a small town) that would make your hair curl. It made her furious and of course, to keep HER job (  as in....working), she just did the process and waited til she got home to vent.


She helped people get State benefits. When you exhaust them, then it's on to Federal.


I'd say I've been round the block in the Disability game. 


Again.. So I'm clear : I KNOW there are truly disabled and I KNOW many disablities aren't visually obvious.


And as far as people "having to go back" to requalify?


What's wrong with that? People DO recover and get better. Federal Disablity was not meant to be a lifelong payout if you're NOT disabled any longer.


I also know malingers when I see them.



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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

I have never been drunk enough to get a tattoo.

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Re: Am I an old fuddy duddy?

@DrumPounder thank you. I was about to post the same thing! I have a small physical disability, but what has flayed me and once nearly put me in the hospital is the depression I have been dealing with for decades. Look at any picture of me, especially during my youth, and you would not
know it. I can smile while inside I'm screaming. But I digress..

The point is, we only see the surface of each other.