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Watching Ali in the early morning hours, love her sparkling personality!


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Well... l guess that's 2 really different opinions!!!!

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I like her too, love her hair!!

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she's very calming,not hyper like some

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excuse me,I was thinking of Elise. The woman Ali I have not watched, but I'm sure she is fine.sometimes when hosts get down right hyper,I then get hyper.does that make sense?I especially watch monday night fashion and by then I. Trying to wind down after a long day

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Not a big fan...........but we all have different favorites and personalities we like.

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I'm gonna get heat for this, but I think she's the best host they have right now.

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I like Ali, Vanessa, Mary Beth and Pat. I watch more than I order mainly because of the possible return cost.
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I like her as well.  Plus I think she's absolutely beautiful.  I'll watch her just to see her.