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Juvenile? I read all the posts and from what the people posted were their honest opinion. None of the post, in my opinion, came across as childish. Now, some of the host may be a different story. We all view attitudes/personalities differently. Guess if I had to be called it I would prefer to be called juvenile than the opposite.

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Re: Alberti and Marybeth

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I agree. It's all BS. Everything is delicious with Alberti. 

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I think Alberti is in the friend group of Rachel + Kirsten and he is also friends with Jane T + Sandra. I think he's pretty likeable and up for whatever is suggested. The one segment that I saw him hosting with Marybeth was good but they had a 3rd wheel tagged onto them ...the new host Julia something. It was so awkward to watch....she just stood there trying to add something to the conversation which wasnt happening. There was nothing for her to I just cant warm up to her. I see her and I change the channel.

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I love all three mentioned hosts, together, separate, however they come!