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There is no jumping on my iPad.  Thank goodness.

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I hate the jumping. I’m trying to access a thread and i inadvertently click on the wrong one because of the jumping.

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I agree this website jumps more than a bunny rabbit.

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I sometimes open the wrong thread 3 times.  I don’t notice it on the Q, but it’s awful on the forums.  

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Re: Aha! I thought so!!

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Products I view, but don't purchase, often show up on other websites and ad blockers aren't always effective. Drives me nuts

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iPad user. Reminds me of the "wack-a-mole" game I played as a kid at the local fair. I try to look it this nuisance as a mini workshop in practicing patience.

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It's so aggravating. It happens to me on this site and a few others. I always have to pause or I will end up opening something that I am not interested in. Then I get more frustrated because you have to backtrack.