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@Kachina624 wrote:

I think QVC has a nice variety of styles and certainly a wide range of sizes.  Not every piece of clothing is suited for every body type; that's why you pick and choose what's best for your figure type.  There's enough variety for there to be something for every one.  I think they're doing a great job.


I agree completely, and was just about to post what I highlighted above.


Just because someone isn't plus-size doesn't mean they will look good in everything.  People of all body types have issues - being short or tall or long-waisted or having a bit of a pot belly, a large or small bottom, or whatever.  Some people love styles or fabrics that just don't look good on them.  That happens to people of all sizes and shapes.


QVC offers a very wide variety of sizes.  Clearly, not everything shown is going to be everyone's taste, and not everything shown is going to be flattering to every figure.

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@AZ MO wrote:

I'm tired of QVC catering to the thin, skinny people.  If you're fortunate to be one of those people that's great - I'm happy for you.  However, some of us have larger builds and can't fit into those styles - like the skin tight skinny leg jeans that they keep showing. Even on some of the models, they look horrible in them.  I have large thighs and the only jeans that fit me were the Dream Jeanes boot cut that were discontinued.  QVC start thinking of all sized people!

QVC caters to all sizes.  If a style does not work for you don't buy it.  But they certainly do cater to all sizes and all at the same price.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is rude and insulting

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@AZ MO wrote:

Thank you for all your feedback.  I don't really care if any of you don't agree with me.  I am just stating my opinion.  I have tried other jeans but the sizing is so inconsistant, that I am constantly having to return items,  It seems like when you finally find an item that works they discontinue it - even though it was a good seller.  How many jeans can you think of on QVC that are cut with larger thighs and boot cut compared to a skinny leg.  Telling someone to shop somewhere else is not very helpful - I've been shopping at QVC for 20+ years.  I know I can shop somewhere else.  Why do people respond so negatively.  If you don't have something constructive to say, guess what.  To those of you that gave me some good feedback (like they might be bringing the Dream Jeans back)  thank you. Have a good day! 

Just because some posters didn't agree with you doesn't mean they were being negative.  Just like you, they were stating their opinion.  Your response here is the most negative post in this entire thread.

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I get where the OP coming from when asking for broader selections.  Just as OP would like a better selection in larger sizes, there have been many posts asking for more petites and pants with longer inseams than a 32 for tall women. 

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Of all the possible things to complain about regarding the Q, I don't think not offering enough sizes is one of them.  Not only do they offer most items from xxs to 3x, there is no surcharge for the larger sizes.  Many catalogues charge more for larger sizes.

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As someone who is a 3X and has had many frustrations with clothing, I find QVC, Evine, and HSN are some of the best places for plus-size fashion. Not everything is going to look great or be flattering ---and if I see only small models showing something, that means to me it probably won't look decent on my large body--- so I avoid.


For me, the actual issue is that they don't use 2X and 3X models, although QVC and Evine do use 1X models.  Maybe QVC and the other channels feel things wouldn't sell as good if they used larger models---but what always sells out first? 3X, followed by 2X, 1X, XL, and XXS, leaving mostly small-large left. There is a demand for nice and stylish plus size fashion. We are looking and we are shopping because we know how hard it can be to find clothing, and it would be nice to see it presented on someone our size so we'll see how it may look on us. Especially if its those skinny jeans or sleeveless dresses. Of course, I can only imagine what comments that would appear on the boards, considering there are a handful of posters who feel that if you're large and up, nothing is attractive on you.

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Although QVC offers styles in a variety of sizes, just cause its in a size and you can fit into doesn't mean you should wear it, you know. Whether you are a siz6 or 20 . . .not everything looks good on every size. I think they cter to thin women, women in a size 6 or under. How many XS size 4 models do they have on set at once? Why no size 8 models, or size 10 models? Or size 18 or size 24 models? They do XXS or 1X. if they weren't catering to thinwomen why do they have to comment on about every item that it will make you thin, and everyone wants to look thin. We are preached to accept ourselves and we are all beautiful yet a shirt in black will make us look thinner. We should practice what we preach shouldn't we? If we were all the same size, had the same opinion, how boring life would be! Thank you.

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I've been plus sized and am now missy sized.  Either way, Q offers a lot of gawdy prints and styles that are limited to certain body types.  They may offer items in all sizes but that doesn't mean they are suitable for all sizes (which is what B&M stores offer too).  And most of the gawdy prints are not ok for anyone, not even a tiny person.  If Q just classed up some of that, it would make a huge difference.  

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@faeriemoon wrote:

Of all the possible things to complain about regarding the Q, I don't think not offering enough sizes is one of them.  Not only do they offer most items from xxs to 3x, there is no surcharge for the larger sizes.  Many catalogues charge more for larger sizes.

@faeriemoon, I have to agree with you here.  I remember when I was a plus size and/or I had to shop for plus size clothes for my mother as a gift, etc.  Walk into stores like Macy's and the plus size section was off in a corner and pretty much dreadful.  Just about everything looked like a tent and was a large floral print.  There aren't a lot of stores that offer the exact same clothing in the size ranges the shopping channels do.  


Almost everyone has figure challenges.  I'm not a plus size now but I'm an overweight pear shape.  Not everything looks good on me and I have a heck of a time with pants but I just have to buy what works for me and not worry about what others can wear.  I don't expect QVC to cater to my figure needs and I really don't think they cater to a specific size range.