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Re: A first for me watching QVC

An HSN show,  Beauty Spy was simulcasting on BeautyIQ this weekend.  They really don't even need two sets of hosts anymore.


So yeah, they've merged, they are the same, QVC bought HSN and is intent on ruining it.

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Re: A first for me watching QVC

Having less competition is never a good thing from a consumer point of view.  I wish shopping channels would be more different than more like each other. Like Xfinity (comcast) they can treat customers like dirt and they do...cause where ya gonna go? 

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Re: A first for me watching QVC

@loriqvc wrote:

@Q4u - The information you have posted is not correct. QVC and HSN are owned by the same parent company, Qurate Retail Group—they are completely separate entities and there has been no merger. If you scroll to the bottom of any screen here at and click "Qurate Retail Group," you can learn more about the parent company and all of the companies it governs if you'd like to do so.

Thanks for the info..... you're 100% right!  Woman LOL

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Re: A first for me watching QVC

@Q4u wrote:

Dooney & Bourke was my first love in the Designer handbag category.  I still have two bags from the late 80's that look incredible and believe me, I used them.  As far as the wallets are concerned I've never worn through (or broken threads or ripped leather) on any I've owned.  I do trade out but I also own a checkbook cover with a pen holder and have used it over 22 years, always in my purse.  IMHO, one of the best brands for the money!  When you consider that I spent around $120 on that checkbook holder 22 years ago (got it on QVC)... and I'm still using it, the average spent approximately breaks down to $5.46 per year.   Anyway, yes I agree they're expensive.....but IMHO worth it..... Woman LOL



@Q4u- I love Dooneys for the reasons you described above.  The quality is superb and they look good at the same time!  This is the one I've been carrying these days:

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