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5 Days from Order to Receipt

That's all.  I have recently ordered items and the receiving time was very good - though, UPS does sometimes step in and deliver things that could be handed off to USPS, and I must have a good "hub" nearby.


Even when USPS does take over, I get pretty good service.  I know there have been problems for some.

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Re: 5 Days from Order to Receipt

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It took my most recent order 12 days to arrive here..............and guess what???.........They sent the wrong color.


Now I have 2 D&Co sets in the same color      Smiley Sad  I liked the set a lot and  had wanted to order it  in all the colors.


No, I am not is a  PITA to return........I just won't order any more.   Smiley Sad

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Re: 5 Days from Order to Receipt

Some small orders have arrived promptly.  But, normally, I never know when anything from QVC is going to show up because the items usually stay "in process" for days.  HSN shipments are quicker.  Something the Q could learn from the southern channel.


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Re: 5 Days from Order to Receipt

My most recent purchase (Wen) was ordered on 4/6 and arrived 4/11.  However, I know depending on what item is purchased will determine the length of the delivery.  Clothing takes longer for delivery in my case.