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First Class Shipping will get an item to the customer in approximately 3 or 4 days.  It's just about as fast as priority.  To ship a scarf weighing less than 16 oz (used to be 14 oz but has gone up to 16 oz) can cost approximately $3 to $5 dollars.  Takes me 2 seconds to wrap it in tissue paper, put a pretty sticker on the area where the ends meet and put it into a mailer with a label.... and off it goes.  Total time, including paperwork.....about 10 minutes tops.


I don't care who sells the scarf... a $10 charge for shipping is too high.






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@ALRATIBA wrote:

Actually, $10 isn't out of line to ship a scarf.  Soft Surroundings charges $9.95 to ship scarves.  

So, this makes is ok???