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My deepest sympathy.


I have buried three dogs, seven cats, countless fish and parakeets, and it never gets any easier. I have been a pet owner since I was a little girl.


All our animal companions become a precious part of our family and the terrible grief is because of our deep love.


I still have a menagerie at home, with the oldest at fifteen undergoing medical treatments, and the youngest just turning three.


Our pets will live in our hearts forever.



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So very sorry for your loss of a loved family member.

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@m0rgan  I am so sorry for your loss.  It can take a long time for the serious grief to go away.  The best thing is to remember all of the good times and that MiKenna was well loved.

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@m0rgan     I am so very sorry for your loss.


Thank you for giving MiKenna a good life. {hugs to you}




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Re: rainbow bridge

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Condolences to you on your loss. Knowing your lovely furry friend has crossed the bridge helps to comfort you. I know all of my own pets were right there with eager animal love to welcome her and show her the new Realm of her existence. 

I hope you have peace of mind soon and can hold your head up and hold your tears. It takes a while, but soon you will find you go from missing your pup to remembering her and it finally hurts a little less. Treat yourself gently in coming days. Many of us say we know your pain and we can hold you up until you feel better. 

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Re: Could it be possible that we found another brother & sister?

Beautful story.  I wish I could meet them.   I have a 9 year old male I wish I knew  find a female puppy.

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Re: Could it be possible that we found another brother & sister?

I'm so sorry for your loss.  I hope you will find comfort knowing what a long, happy life you gave your dog.  Heart

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Re: Could it be possible that we found another brother & sister?

I want to thank everyone for their notes of condolences.  This group has helped me so much.  I appreciate each and every one of you.

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Re: rainbow bridge

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Deepest Sympathies to you! 


I pray your memories comfort and give you peace! 


I so understand the pain of losing a precious and treasured member of the family.


The prayer below was given to us when we lost our beloved pup, and now I am passing it on to you.  May God grant you His peace.  Prayers.


Have You a Pet In Heaven Lord.jpg

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@FreedomShopper Thank you for the prayer  It means a lot to us.