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Look at that MUPPET DOG - so cute I'm dyin over here!



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With six cats and two dogs (plus parakeets), my attention is always in high demand.


I have been pampering my pets for decades.


If not, why would I have them?


Our pets are family members and are extremely well taken care of!  We  have a large house so there is plenty of space.  The kitties have lots of beds and lots of climbing and scratching posts.  They run and jump and chase each other and play private cat games.  They are regularly brushed and get their faces washed carefully by me. The puppies love to go on walks or chase squirrels in our fenced yard. They love a special chew bone and bark when the doorbell rings or the UPS truck drives on our street.


I live near some of the best veterinary services in the world, and I will always go the extra mile for all my pets.


They all live long, healthy, well-loved lives!