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Re: anyone use Dasuquin for their cat?

You can buy this supplement for cats on Amazon. It does  take awhile to build up for your kitty. In the meantime, ask your get to prescribe a pain med to "bridge" your cat to until she gets the supplement built up in her system. Good luck!

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Re: anyone use Dasuquin for their cat?



My 19 year old kitty gets two capsules every other day.


I break them open and mix with low sodium tuna water (from a can of white tuna).  I've tried many other ways to administer it, but it's a no go.  He loves the tuna water and will normally lick the bowl clean.  It's about 2 tablespoons of fluid.


I buy my capsules at Chewy as they have fast delivery and great pricing.  


Like you, I got my first bottle from the Vet, then realized I could get it a lot cheaper elsewhere.  It's the same stuff.


It does seem to help.

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Re: anyone use Dasuquin for their cat?

I finally got the meds, including the Dasuquin Advanced supplement.  Turns out,they sent me an 84 count bag of chews.  My 3 cats are big, so the initial dosing is 4 chews per day, per cat.  At this rate, that bag will last only a week.


I can't find this particular formulation online.  I see 60-count bags of Cosequin, which is similar (near as I can tell, Dasuquin has an extra ingredient that strengthens the effects from the other ingredients).  Kind of makes me wonder why Cosequin exists at all, and why Dasuquin isn't available OTC.


I tried the chews on all 3 cats for the first time last nigjht.  My garbage disposal cat (Cheeto) scarfed them down of course, had to do a little coaxing with the other two (and I have to keep Cheeto away, or he'll eat them all). 


Gave them all 4 chews at once.  This morning, gave them each 2.  Adds another task to my morning routine, as I can't just put them down and walk away.  Will do the same this evening.  I cut each chew into 4 bits, as they're a little large.


I am thinking of trying the sprinkle capsules.  It might be easier to do that, provided they eat it.  There are 3 food bowls, and I don't know who eats out of what bowl, so would just mix it into all the food.