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Re: Yorkie 'Hero' in My Hometown!



I stand corrected




(I had a hero Scottish Terrier - thus my love for all things Terrier - but yes - DOGS DEFINITELY RULE! 


(...and I own a cat - my clown of a boy and enjoy him every day)

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Re: Yorkie 'Hero' in My Hometown!

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I agree.....not to be left out, CATS RULE TOO!!!


And they're very happy to remind you of that, LOL!


Dogs have pack leaders (us), cats have staff!




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Re: Yorkie 'Hero' in My Hometown!

What a brave  doggie.God bless his little soul.


I had a cat that hated company.If the door bell rang or someone knocked,he would run to the front window,puff himself up  big and hiss. He was ready to kill anyone coming through the door.That's why we had to stop opening the door for Halloween.Cat Wink

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Re: Yorkie 'Hero' in My Hometown!

We have the same "home protection" around this joint......

Image result for protected by silky terriers