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Re: We adopted our foster dog...


We fostered and adopted "problem" hounds and special needs dogs with a rescue group that had limited housing capacity. Over the years we adopted about 15 and provided terminal care for several more. Best thing we ever did. We are now too old to bring in new ones and focus on providing the best care we can to our remaining 5 dogs. I will always feel that I received much more than I gave to them.

We send you love and blessings @San Antonio Gal .

So wonderful to hear of you all taking care of those babies with special needs over the years @Jk9 . I know your 5 bring you joy daily with their unconditional love. Blessings to you and all your babies. Smiley Happy

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Re: We adopted our foster dog...

How wonderful that you adopted your foster dog. The pic is adorable. Enjoy!

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Re: We adopted our foster dog...

What a little sweetheart! I'm sure she was so scared after losing her "person" but am confident she is now surrounded by love.

I'm so happy for all of you. I am sure both of your dogs will become the best of friends, in time.

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Re: We adopted our foster dog...

Congratulations. We adopted Snowball last December and it took about a month for him to get use to our other dog Toby. I was worried at the time but just kept an eye on Snowball and now he's Toby's ears as he is deaf, bless.

I totally agree with rescuing a dog and like you, Snowballs first mummy went into a nursing home. He was on meds for anxiety and needed a lot of dental work. One year on he's a happy, healthy, loving velcro dog.

Enjoy them both, pets bring such joy to our lives.