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Wanted: 25,000 dogs. Will you please help.

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Life expectancy in dogs has been under study. The decline in average longevity over the past 25 years in Golden Retrievers has been undergoing a study to identify causal factors. Studies have begun and some have concluded to study the causes of increasing rates of cancers in Goldens and other breeds. Another study, the focus of this article, is recruiting 25,000 dogs and their owners to study canine life expectancy and quality of life over the next ten years in an effort to improve life expectancy and quality of life in dogs.  This is the largest study of aging in dogs. Applications require owners visit the Dog Aging Project's website . Owners will be asked to take a saliva sample from their dog and fill out questionnaires about the health of their dog. The study is funded by the National Institute on Aging which is a part of the National Institute of Health. 





Side Note: 

Golden Retrievers die from bone cancer, lymphoma, and blood cancer more than any other breed.
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Re: Wanted: 25,000 dogs. Will you please help.

There's already a thread on this subject.
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Re: Wanted: 25,000 dogs. Will you please help.

A thread about the 25,000 dog study? Was the post recent? I’m going to read the thread.

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Re: Wanted: 25,000 dogs. Will you please help.

I wonder if the chemicals and pesticides we put on our lawns have something to do with it. Dogs are so close to the ground and always sniffing everything in the grass. I just got back from a walk with my granddog and she sniffs more than she walks. Also they walk in it and sometimes lick their paws.

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Re: Wanted: 25,000 dogs. Will you please help.

It’s all the known inflamatory chemicals they are putting in pet food these days. Ten to fifteen years ago they didn’t include nearly as many harmful chemicals in pet food. Of course it’s the same with human food and our life span. In the last 3 years the human life span has begun to shorten. We don’t need a study to know why. It’s common sense if you look up these chemicals. Their toxicity is well documented. One example: Carageean is a chemical used to thicken, emulsify, and preserve human & pet foods. It’s also a known potent inflamatory used by labs to produce inflammation in rats and other lab animals, in order to test pharmaceuticals, and other products. It’s effects are cumulative. Carrageenan is in about half of all human and pet food products. The National Institute of Health (NIH) study on Carrageenan’s effect on rats can be found at -

If you do a google search on 

NIH carrageenan used to produce inflammation in lab rats

you will find many more NIH published medical papers on the subject.

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Re: Wanted: 25,000 dogs. Will you please help.

Thank you, @Ketra 
It is so important to keep up with nutritional news.


I always knew, but it only became clear once I developed RA, that I should have eaten more green salad than ice cream.  I am not joking.

(Or I should have grown up during the time of premium ice creams, and not the grocery store brands I was eating in my youth and young adulthood.)

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