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I fed Merrick for quite some time but switched when Purina bought the company.  Recently the food has been Zignature kibble which seems ok.  My dog eats any kibble he's given.  I mix it with a couple tbsp of home made for palatability.  I'd like to try some of the super high end foods.  I cannot think of the names--maybe Acana, Orijen?  But they are quite a bit higher than the Zignature.  I also found a pouch food at Ralphs grocery store, Abound.  It would be prohibitively expensive to feed regularly but he gets 1/2 a pouch from time to time just for variety.


The dog also gets a fish oil supplement and glucosamine/chondroitin supplement.  His joints are working smoothly, doc says.


We are fortunate to many, many foods to choose from as well as dogfoodadvisor and other internet sources to research.  It's interesting. 

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Re: Victor dog food

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@Bowwowluv wrote:

Thank all of you ladies for your prompt responses.  Lots more for me to research but your brands will be considered.  You are the best and I appreciate your input.  Keep your ideas coming.  This is a daunting task.

I recommend the Fromm brands of both cat and/or dog foods to people who are looking for a new food to try for their pet.


They manufacture their foods here in WI at either of two plants. One of them is more closer to central WI, and the other one is right outside of Milwaukee.


They use foods sourced in the U.S. for their pet foods, and their food has never been recalled.


They offer grain-free foods in their four star line for both cats and dogs, and they also offer both dry and canned foods for both cats and dogs.


We have an old senior kitty who loves this food.


We give her the canned chicken and salmon pate, and the canned duck, chicken and salmon pate, and the dry Surf & Turf that are from their four star grain-free line.


We had to stop giving her food with grains in it, as we think that the grains were contributing to digestive issues that she has. She is doing much better since we changed her to this kind of food.