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Thank you @Susan in California .  I'm going to order two sizes to try to get a good fit.  I hope I'll be able to do it correctly and it will help her.

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I had one for my last Lhasa who got terribly afraid of thunderstorms as she got older and her health got worse.


But I learned that I had to put it on her well before the thunder and lightning started because after a while she knew when the shirt came out the weather got scary.  So you'll probably want to make sure that Ava doesn't associate the shirt with the arrival of scary strangers.


Also, be sure you make it quite tight on her.  Not enough to be restricting, but very snug and secure.


As my dog aged and got more infirm it didn't work for her anymore and I had to go to medication when it rained hard.  I'm sure in Ava's situation that won't be an issue though.


Good luck, it always so hard to know that our babies are hurt or afraid.