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My dog is scared and nervous whenever someone comes in my house or if we go to the Vet.  Has anyone tried the Thunder Shirt?  I thought it might help her.  I keep seeing commercials for it.  I'd love to hear opinions from those with experience.

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The Thunder Shirt worked well for my Westie who was terribly afraid of heavy rain, storms and load noises and I think she actually liked wearing it.  I think it was comforting for her. When a I could see her getting nervous and upset, I would put it on and it seemed to immediately calm her down.  I would recommend trying if you feel your dog is particularly sensitive to certain situation.


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Over the years I have used thundershirts on 4 dogs (miniature dachshunds) who get very nervous when they hear thunder and it has helped calm all of them. They even go back to sleep if there is a storm during the night! 

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We tried it on our sweet girl and it did calm her during storms.

It is a little cumbersome or difficult to put on but otherwise, I would give it a try.

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I currently have a rescue dog that came from a pretty bad situation. She has terrible separation anxiety to the point that we had to give her medicine to sedate her when we first got her. I hated giving her medicine all the time so I got one of those thunder shirts. I really didn't think it would work or that she would even keep it on. She is a really corky dog.

I was amazed at the difference after I got it on her (like wrestling a five-legged billy goat at first). No, she didn't like it at first and tried to get it off, but after a while, she calmed down and seemed to forget about it. I am now able to leave and not have her completely spaz out and destroy things. Sizing can be tricky.


I got mine at the local pet store and asked if it could be returned in the event that she wouldn't wear it. They said it was no problem to return with a receipt.


You may want to give it a try. 

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We used one for our dog that was scared of thunderstorms and fireworks. It worked great and was easy to put on her.

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It always seemed to me that those things would be terribly hot especially if used during summertime holidays.  My dogs wouldn't tolerate them for that reason. 

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We used a Thunder shirt for our beagle/coonhound rescue - he was afraid of loud noises like thunder and fireworks.  It made a significant difference in his level of anxiety - and he had plenty of anxiety!  We also used it when we had company as anyone outside his pack made him apprehensive.  I think it's definitely worth a try.  He certainly seemed to find it comforting and never gave us a hard time about wearing it.  Good luck!

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I have shared this before, if so ignore it. 


I fall asleep to a CD with rain, thunderstorms, etc. Since my hearing aids are not on when I sleep, the volume is fairly loud. All my dogs have gotten used to those storm noises listening to that CD. 


When there are storms, they think "Oh, Mommy must be falling aleep" and they're completely fine. 

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They also work well on cats.