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Lola has it down 





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@prettychis   Cut little pumpkin girl !!!!

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Looks better on Lola then on some people I've seen. Very cute.

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Yay, my fix for the day.  Lola is having some deep existential thoughts, preferring not to be disturbed. 

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OMG! She is soooooo cute! Lola does pouty face better than anyone.❤️🐾

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Kiss 💋  that precious 👶 baby!!!!!!Smiley Happy

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Oh my, what's she so unhappy about?  Smiley Sad

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Why is she pouting? Did Lily refuse to play with her? 

"The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog."

Mark Twain
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How adorable!  I think I've figured out what she's saying:


1st picture:  "Go ahead punk and make my day".


2nd "             "Maybe I spoke a little too hasty".


3rd  "             "Awe, just let it go".

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@ValuSkr wrote:

Oh my, what's she so unhappy about?  Smiley Sad



There's kitty cats on her blankie