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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

@Sammycat1   I'm so sorry that things aren't going better for Frankie like you want them to.  I totally understand your wanting her to feel better quickly.  Just keep trying to realize that it's just Day 2, and she had a lot of things going on that will need to improve in order for her to feel better.


I feel like she'll get there though.  I'm still praying for her and you and your husband.

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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0



You are the best cat mom Frankie could have ever hope to have!

I've always heard second day after surgery is the worst.
Those blessed cones are a pain! Letting her have some sleep with it off and you sitting guarding her! What love and devotion! 
We shall continue our prayer vigil. 
Love and Blessings Frankie, Sammycat, and DH.


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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

@Sammycat1  It's so hard when our furbabies have gone through surgery and the road to recovery is slow. I hope that Frankie's pain lessens with each passing day and she's back to chasing Ipad mice soon.


Just curious - is Frankie eating regular cat food or is she still on "kitty smoothies"? Weird that the two vets disagree on the feeding tube which leaves you in a precarious position. Whose advice do you follow. You are not failing Frankie Sammycat - you and DH are doing a superhuman job in making sure Frankie recovers with as little discomfort as possible.


Team Frankie is behind you all the way. Keeping you all in my prayers  --


Love, TrafficDiva

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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

@Sammycat1 , DH & Sweet Angel Frankie,


Thank you for the update.


You're doing the best job humanly possible in caring for your Little Angel.  Please give yourself some credit.  Many people would have walked away from a cat with many health issues.  But, not you & DH .. no, you've hung in there time & time again with Sweet Frankie.  No one could love their pet more than both of you.  I admire you for your determination to see Frankie feel the best she can feel.  Thank you.


Precious Frankie:  we love you & hope you feel better very soon.  My heart breaks knowing you're in such discomfort.  But, don't worry .. you're in the best of care with your Mom & Dad & couldn't be more loved.


May you have peaceful & happy kitty dreams Little Angel Girl.  I hope you wake up tomorrow morning with a smile & lick your Mom & Dad.  Please stay strong as best you can ..  Heart  Sending you loads of kitty (((hugs)))

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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

@Sammycat1 , I am as amazed by how much you know about what's going on with Frankie as I'm amazed by how hard you are on yourself! It sounds as if last night, Frankie was almost spunky, and then this morning, problems. But you knew what it meant that she was dropping her food and got right on it with the dental vet to add painkillers. Frankie couldn't have a better cat  mom.


I was also thinking of all that Frankie has been through--what sounds like extensive resectioning and restoration of her oral cavity lining, and all of her teeth removed. That's a lot for a little animal's body to cope with, especially one with Frankie's medical issues. It seems that she just needs the kind of attentive, responsive care you're giving her, and that she may need the full two to three weeks you mentioned.


I'm sorry her cone makes it difficult to sleep. I was given a very large, soft, floppy (non-rigid) vinyl cone when my best cat (my Schmoo) was recovering after extensive surgery for hemangiosarcoma. The cone worked for her; she could sleep in it and didn't try to get at her stitches. Maybe something like that would be a help with Frankie, at least while you're with her.


I will try to check in overnight. I think often of you and Frankie and your DH and wish I could do more than post attagirls. But attagirl, both of you, and best to the Cat Whisperer. Heart

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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0


Sorry to hear poor Frankie isn't doing so well right now, although by the time you read this, I hope that she may have turned around again.  

I have to agree with everyone else who thinks you and Mr. Sammycat are truly superhuman and that you are being much too hard on yourself.  I've read so many of your posts where you have blown off the awful pain you yourself have endured, yet seeing your precious little one suffer is too much.  It's only natural when things don't go perfectly after such an ordeal as this to doubt one's choices.  

But you already were prepared for something like this.  You were even expecting it and had cautioned us all not to get overly optimistic as the road back for Frankie would be a difficult one at best.  And you caught the change immediately and acted upon it as best you could, which is considerable.  You did what you had to do.  

This has been such a long hard road for all of you.  And with what all else is going on in our human lives right now, it's not unexpected that this would bring out the emotions you feel.  


Your actions may be superhuman, but half of that is still "human".  It's hard for you to see Frankie in her down periods.  Even Mr. Spock got upset when Captain Kirk was in trouble. 😉


Hang in there.  Frankie is. ❤️🙏🐾


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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

@Sammycat1 , 


You, and your family. Heart

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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

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Frankie cone snooze SZD.jpg



All of us believe in our hearts 

that you are not failing your

beloved girl and you need to believe

it in your heart as well.


So many of us have also dealt with

an ill furbaby and have fought like a

lioness to make our cubs well again

and to survive.You are a lioness too..

I've seen the results of your powerful
"roar" many times before over the years.


My kitties and I are sending your precious

girl tons more healing prayers and positve

energy and more comfort hugs to the

three of you.





beastie,Samantha,Olivia,Henry and Jack

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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

Saturday report:  Greetings to Friends of Frankie and Schmoosters all.


DH read your recent comments and said, "See? We're going beyond the beyond. She has the best platform for healing."  @geezerette  Thank you in particular for straightening me out with your phrase, "Superhuman is still half human." I needed to hear that.


Today she is brighter--starting back on pain meds was a good idea. We were able to sleep on more of a similar schedule. DH is in the spare room because of his cervical spine problems and I'm in the master. She slept most of the night with him, collar on without a fight.


This morning she stomped on both of us before our 8 a.m. alarms went off because she was HANGRY!  She had a good breakfast, we cleaned her up and she rested.The swelling of her nose and face has gone down a little.


Today's challenge is noticing more drool. Normally, this means nausea--but she is eating. She's also doing these little chuff type sneezes after she eats or intermittently.  I called the dental vet on call (who coincidentally assisted her primary surgeon) and she said as long as the drool isn't blood, the stitches likely didn't dehisce because there's no blood (a nightmare...dehiscience means they're loosening and need to be re-done. This happened to Schmoo).  


The sneeze/chuff might just be irritation. But it also can mean a oronasal fistula opened up in the tissue and needs to be closed surgically. This also happened to Schmoo.  I think I'll need surgery is this happened.


If both conditions continue, they advise a trip to our local vet so he can look and then if everything is OK, just give her more time.  


You can't imagine the scary feeling of giving her the pills she must take by pill gun. I hate just holding her face to help her open her mouth then hit the pills in there just right so as not to disturb anything. I sweat puttyballs when I do it, even though it's only once a day.


Here she is soaking up some rays on top of her hamper area, complete with cat-motif towel.  She wants to thank all of you for your prayers for her continued healing and for keeping her mom  from emotionally imploding. She knows it's a big job:


Frankie sunshine snoozer SZD.jpg



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Re: That Schmoo, he is one tough kitty fighter -- 2.0

Frankie looks quite content given her circumstances. She's lucky to have you, and I mean that. How many pet owners would know these things? You should have a DVM diploma on your wall. You've been through vet school, a few times, IRL. Take care all.