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So sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. It's never easy to go thru. Just remember the love you gave each other. She'll always be in your heart.

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@fairydogmother  So very sorry for the loss of sweet Lola.

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Please accept my sympathy for your loss.


May you find peace in your heart from your memories.

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Dear Lola,


Fair Winds, Blue Skies, and Green Pastures. Always.

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Re: Sweet tiny Lola

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I'm very sorry for your loss of Little Lola.

I went through this a few months ago with My Angus.

It helped me know how much we loved each other and the fun times we had. Also, know your Lola is free from pain and you will be reunited with her.

My condolences to both you and your husband.😢

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@fairydogmother  My heart breaks for your loss.  It is so hard to let them go.  You released her from her pain and her soul was wrapped in your love when she crossed.  She left her love and all the memories with you to comfort you when you think of her as hard as that might be right now.   

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So very sorry for your loss

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Sending you my thoughts and love.  Lola was lucky to have you as her mummy and you showed her true love.  I know exactly how you feel, such an overwhelming tiime for you.  Memories of our beautiful pets never go away along with all the fun, laughter and love they give us.  God bless.x

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@fairydogmother  It's so hard to let go of our sweet fur babies even when we know it's the right thing to do.  Thoughts and prayers.