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I'm so sorry for the loss of little Sunny.  What A sad thing to come home to.  I hope your Grand daughter continues to do well.  It may hit her very hard that her fur friend of 14 years is gone.  May Sunny rest in peace and your family be well.

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Thank you everyone for your kindness.  It means so much to get all your sweet thoughts for us.

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@MoJoV, I am so sorry for your loss.

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I am so sorry for your loss.  I have been owned by 5 Bostons over the years. 

They are wonderful creatures. 

I am glad your GD is ok.

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My heart and my deepest condolences go

out to you,your daughter and your

granddaughter on the sudden and

unexpected loss of precious Sunny.


Sending lots of healing prayers and

comfort hugs to all of you. I'm also

going to light a memorial candle for

Sunny on the pet loss dot com site.



(((((COMFORT HUGS)))))



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So sorry for the loss of dear Sunny. 😢

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@CareBears -


That has to be the most beautiful picture I've ever seen, and such a sweet image of how we all see our furbabies being welcomed into heaven above!


@MoJoV -


My sincere condolences to you, your daughter and must have been terrible to come home to that after everything your granddaughter had to go through with her operation.  Sunny is surely surrounded by the angels now...may all the sweet memories she brought you all comfort you in the days ahead!

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I am so very sorry for what your daughter and granddaughter went through. May they find peace in th ewonderful memories and joy they shared with Sunny. It is always so tough when we lose a pet.



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So sorry to hear  about Sunny's passing....

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Sending you my condolences on Sunny’s passing with lots of (((HUGS)))