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Re: Soresto is having problems

Having 2 cats and 2 dogs we have had more than 1 major house flea infestations in the past. I ended up at vets office in tears and almost over the edge from the infestations and daily fight to get rid of the fleas, they nest in your house and until you find the nesting site you are out numbered daily by the multiplication of the fleas that overtake you so quickly your head spins!!! When I was at the end of my rope literally the vet pulled out seresto collars several years ago and just gave to me free, seeing the state the fleas had taken me to.


that was the first day of the end of my flea problem! I use on 1 cat that gets terrible fleas and no more fleas since applied the seresto, he hasn't been without it since.


if you get your house infested with fleas you are going to have to use a strong pesticide in the house to get rid of them once you find the nest and then on your animals to keep them off. It's a looong process that I don't ever want to experience again! 

so to say you will never need a pesticide is not correct, soap and water won't cut it. 
when fleas are bad what are you going to battle them with if not a flea medication?

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Re: Soresto is having problems

@SeaMaiden wrote:

It has never been a secret that these toxic flea  products and heart worm products do great harm. But, there is big money  for the pharmaceutical companies and veterinarians pushing and selling them...much like  too many vaccinations  for pets  too often...and they continue to be sold and pushed....


We love our pets TO DEATH💀☠️ Sadly

@SeaMaiden,  conversely, my new rescue is currently undergoing treatment for heartworms and is being saved by heart worm products.  I am thankful that her infestation has been caught in the earliest stages but irate that her former owner did not have her on preventative.

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