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I have 2 dogs.  One is a male Pomeranian, and one is a male Pekinese.  His name is Buddy.  We have had him for about a year after we took him from my Dad.  He couldn't care for him anymore.


Buddy is ........different.  He is deaf, but that's not what I am referring to.  He doesn't really act like other dogs.  I think he has a neurological defecit or something like mental retardation.  It's kind of hard to describe him.  We have tried in vain to housetrain him.  We have tried taking him out more and giving him treats when he went outside properly.  He will "go" right in front of the door or in the garage rather than waiting to get outside.  He has "gone" on my husband when he is being carried out.  We carry him because he doesn't really respond to the leash.  He will make you drag him.  He doesn't seem to get the idea how to climb stairs, so we carry him.  Today, he couldn't figure out that the clear storm door had to be gone around, not through.


They both sleep in crates, since neither one of them is trustworthy NOT to go in the house.  He still has to be almost pushed inside as he just doesn't seem to understand how to go in.  Our Pomeranian just runs to his crate and waits for us to open it.


Buddy eats well and food seems to be his only motivation!  Fortunately, he is little.


Wondering if anyone else has had a dog that seemed mentally or neurologically deficient.



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Awww, sounds like you'll be taking him out more often. Carrying him no less. Do everything you can to make him a winner and then reward him. It's all you can do. 

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Unfortunately you did't mention how old Buddy is, he could have canine Alzheimers. There really is such a condition and there are medications for it. Our dog had it and the meds worked for quite a while. You need a good and understanding Veterinarian that can diagnose this. Although Buddy could have any number of problems. Did he have these troubles when he was with your Dad? Maybe he wasn't trained properly and you just need to start all over again, as if he were a puppy. Good luck!

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Re: Something about my dog

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Did your dad ever mention these problems? How does Buddy interact with your pommie? What is his age, could he have a physical bladder control issue?  Have you discussed these issues with a vet? Did he have a doggy door that he was expected to go through at your dad's house?   Was there separation anxiety when he left your dad?  Perhaps these questions are meaningless or they might hold a key to Buddy's tendancies .   I would give him so much love and since he is food motivated, he would receive his favorite treat when he does something worthy of a reward.  He is lucky to have you, and "special" sentient beings always give us the opportunity to learn and grow in life.  Just love and appreciate that your little Buddy came into your lives....he might surprise you and, if not, he is a loving little boy who deserves your affection.  Much love to your family for giving this little special boy a caring home. 

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I wonder whether he could be going blind which might explain a lot.

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Dogs that are deaf need to be trained differently than hearing dogs. Many of the commands are verbal as well as when you want to get his attention. There are some resources available on the Internet. A visit should be able to help you determine if his condition is more serious.
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@hyacinth003 Would you consider using a "belly band" on Buddy?  I have had two male doges that became incontentinent when they became older.  The belly bands helped us!  Another plus is that the dogs thought they were all dressed up!  LOL


We made ours, but I have seen them on Etsy and some pet supply web sites.  


Hopefully, if you can find a way to deal with him 'going' whenever and wherever, the other odd behaviors will become endearing personality quirks!  


Good Luck!

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@K9buddy wrote:

I wonder whether he could be going blind which might explain a lot.

This is a good point.


Have you had his eyesight checked? Dogs that don't have very good eyesight have some of these similar characteristics you mentioned.


Have you had the vet check to make sure he doesn't have a bladder infection/uti?


I have an older dog that can have accidents when he sleeps or when we are in the car due to some health issues so we use reuseable belly bands which work great. These should NOT replace working with them though or not bringing them out often- they are for accidents inbetween the normal routine. 

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@K9buddy wrote:

I wonder whether he could be going blind which might explain a lot.


I'm wondering that also.

I had a male shih tzu who had very bad eyesight.  He was clumsy, wouldn't do stairs, and was difficult to house train.  I had to carry him up and down the stairs.  I put a belly band on him whenever I left the house.

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He sounds to me like he is afraid. Just keep taking him out with treats and don't say "ok" if he is scared. Just say come along. I would keep a leash on him so you can control him better. I would not force him but make things fun. The poor little guy.