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Some humor: Cat treats YUCK🤮🤭 too funny for ME

Everyday we play catch with our cat by tossing him cat treats.  We normally toss so he gets some exercise but this morning one must had landed on the kitchen counter. (We must have had bad aim😉).


Today I was making chocolate chip cookie bars for gathering at pool tomorrow.  I had finished adding them to dough and tilted the bag a few went on counter.  I ❤️chocolate chips 


No no need to waste those few I gathered them up and tossed them i my mouth.  As I'm chewing I taste "something fishy".  I spit them out -- OH My lord they weren't chocolate chips they were cat treats🤦🏼‍♀️🙄😳.


Spouse & I were laughing so-bad as I was spitting themout!!!

I couldn't believe it..and for the record they are terrible 🤮...




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Re: Some humor: Cat treats YUCK🤮🤭 too funny for ME

THAT is (expletive) HILARIOUS!


You poor thing!