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The big annual Florida python hunt is on for this year.  Last year's winner caught/killed about 200 pythons.  Yikes!  Anyone interested in participating can Google "Florida Snake Hunt".



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I think it's sad, I don't like them but it's not their fault they are there, they are trying to survive like everything else. There is no easy answer. The problem is they have no enemies so there are too many and they are taking over and each female carry's hundreds of eggs. Not a good situation. So it is necessary.

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They are pretty close to my neighborhood, as it borders the glades. 


Lately, I'm much more afraid of an explosion of cottonmouths (aka, water moccasins). People are finding them in their yards, by their pools, on their patios, in their garages and on the sidewalks and the street. There have been four posts  by neighbors bitten on NextDoor. I have never seen anything like this. One poster said her treatment for one bite ran 17K. Fortunately, she had a photo of the snake. This allowed the doctors to quickly choose the right antivenin. People have posted photos of so many I've lost count. I really don't like having venomous snakes all over our properties. The giant pythons could kill by constriction and they do bite when disturbed, but they are not venomous. 

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@LittySoftPaws I have sympathy for them too but they are destroying the ecosystem in the glades. They also carry a parasite which they are spreading to native snakes and there is concern about extinction of native species as a result. They compete with other apex predators and they have upset the ecosystem in the region. I wish they did not have to be harmed, but some solution is necessary.  


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A sad situation without a good solution 😢

@LittySoftPaws   Respect...I understand and share your feelings.

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Someone needs to develop a species-specific birth control formula which can be fed to the female snakes. That way their numbers will go down enough to manage them without too much harm. Maybe not possible today but might be on the horizon for future scientists.

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We had water mocs around our house when I was growing up and they are scary and will chase you.  I understand that wildlife management is necessary in urban areas, or wildnerness areas where herds may face disease and starvation or overpopulation that threatens residents without it. 

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@SilleeMee @This is being done with mosquitos. It's been done with other animals too. Right now, the wildlife control agents are finding males and implanting transmitters in them. Then the males are followed to where females are and the snakes are caught. This is not part of the hunt that's is currently taking place.

Another tactic being used is the incorporation of python detector dogs that help animal control agents locate large groups of snakes. Once located, the agents move in to capture the snakes. This strategy is only being employed using two or three dogs right now. 

I agree with your birth control idea. 
There are some problems that make it hard to do. The snakes have a long life expectancy and continue to grow and eat throughout, even if they can't breed. Your idea will end newly birthed snakes, but it will take years to have an effect. They live around 20 years and it's estimated that there are thousands of them in the glades. 



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Well,  once again, we're looking at human stupidity leading to an invading species. These python populations grew from those who got rid of their exotic pet when it became to much to handle, or perhaps escaped.


They probably threw out their baby alligator, goldfish and child's turtle, too. The let's free them mentality. 


It didn't take long for the python situation to be out of control. Now they have to be slaughtered on a regular basis for multiple environmental, health and safety reasons. What's sad is, that man is responsible for this mess in the first place.  

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OMG. Florida. What a strange state. (I'm saying that awe and love in my heart, of course).