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My silly greyhound comes up and sniffs my eyelashes whenever I put my mascara on - hmmmm - wonder what is in it that is attracting her? 

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Re: Silly greyhound!

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My silly Silkys come up and pretend to kiss me (but are really smelling my breath to see if I've been snacking without them).

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I have a whippet-JRT mix that constantly smells my hair whenever she is around me! I use Wen and I think it's the scents.


With my mom, the dog sniggs her neck. LOL

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One of my Maine Coons goes nuts when I wear spearmint lip gloss.  Only spearmint!  He keeps trying to get to my lips and I have to keep putting him back on my lap.  His brother has no reaction to the lip gloss whatsoever, but this guy goes crazy over it.

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