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Lucy, is a Snowshoe.  She just turner 12.

From the Arizona Humane Society.


We call her Goofy, Goofer, Mrs Goofinheimer,  Goofer Marie.....



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Had to laugh about the multiple names, I think their personalities are so great it takes many names to cover them.  Reminds me of T. S. Elliot's poem "Naming a Cat".


She is gorgeous!  Last year, I lost a snowshoe Siamese girl.  I loved her so much!



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My first kitty was an applehead seal point Siamese.  I had been a dog lover all my life.  Didn't care for cats at all.  My boyfriend had brother Siamese cats that I became fond of.  When I got an apartment, I felt I couldn't handle a dog, being gone all different hours as a nurse.  So, I decided to get a 6 week old kitten.  I have been hooked ever since.


I now have a pedigree (wedge head) lilac point, a pedigree chocolate point (Hyacinth), and an applehead flame point. 


I have had a pedigree seal point, another lilac point, and a blue point that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I just love their personalities.  I had no intention of showing or breeding them, just fell in love.  I don't think I would get one again, as they all broke my heart dying too young.  I still have Hyacinth, the chocolate point, who will be 14.  She has chronic upper respiratory problems.  I had a gorgeous snowshoe applehead Siamese that we lost last year.


I love all kitties, but the Siamese has a special place in my heart.  They have special personalities.  I have 8 total now, 3 are Siamese.



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Yes. I had one as a little girl. She lived a long life. I'll always have a soft spot for Siamese cats.

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Re: Siamese Cats

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Since the end of our honeymoon we have never been without a cat - all kinds. We got a Siamese kitten (seal point) as a wedding present!  He lived to be 19. We later adopted the daughter of a beautiful Siamese mom and a ? dad. LOL! She was grey, so she had her dad's coloring, but she looked like her mom in the face.  Later on DH was asked to help at a cat show. He spent a lot of time talking to a young couple who raised Tonkinese cats. It was shortly after the Tonkinese breed had been introduced and DH learned a lot about them. So of course we came home with one of their kittens (seal point). His mom and dad were Tonkinese, but grandma was **Persian and grandpa was Siamese. I really didn't care about all that - I just fell in love with him. He lived to be 21. DH neutered him when he was a kitten. Someone driving by saw him sitting in the sun in our window and stopped to ask about him. She was mortified when we said he was neutered! Again, he was just part of our family. We never even considered letting him be a dad or showing him. Now we have another sweet Tonkinese (blue point) boy. This many years later the breed has been established, so his personality is very different from our original Tonkinese. But once in a while the Siamese cry comes out! Smiley Happy


ETA: I meant "Burmese." I must have been thinking about our Persian! @Kitty Galore's post reminded me of my mistake!


We also had a beautiful black Persian we inherited from my mom, who took her when my brother died in his 20's. My late brother's girlfriend gave him two kittens she found at a shelter, a Persian and a Himalayan. His apartment didn't allow pets. He was right across from the rental office, and the cats would sit in his kitchen window, sunning themselves and taking baths! The apartment manager never said anything to him. 

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@meezer lover wrote:

Any Siamese cat lovers out there?

@meezer lover. Oh my !  Your kitty photo looks  exactly like one of our boys. !!!!  We have 2 Tonkinese,  which Are a combo of Siamese/Burmese.   Have had Sismese all my life since a child,  and now are owned by 2 Tonks LOL. As you know they own us,  we don't own cats!!

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Thank you for your kind words.They really made  my day! Stewie actually had a brother and they were roaming together.The first time I saw them in my backyard,I just had to run out there. He came running up to me and it was love at first sight for both of us. He then disappeared for a few months then showed up again.My neighbor said his brother got hit by a car. Once he came back,I scooped him up and he's been with us since. We seem to have cat haven in cat lingo on our yards since we seem to attract them.I have 2 ferals now that have beds and homes.Neutered too.I love all my kittehs!