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Re: Question for those who feed dry dog kibble to their dog.

@goldensrbest wrote:

@SeaMaiden , Did your dog get into food, is that the reason it got bloat?

@goldensrbest   No.  It was just a typical day.  Nothing out of the ordinary..... he had dinner and nothing unusual.  just rest and relax until bedtime...... The bloat came on suddenly in the middle of the night. It was very fast.... we did not know what it was or what really was going on. We were unable to save him by the time we got to the emergency vet.  It is very hard  to save a dog from bloat after it starts... They may try a very invasive surgery etc  in order to try to save  the dog.... but that would be desperate means. 


 It was an experience that I will never forget nor want to repeat.  Now I am so concerned about it ever happening again... I am being VERY careful and mindful of feeding and watering.  But , really it is unknown why this happens many times.   I feel so much guilt  and great saddness and  am having a hard time dealing with it. Smiley Sad


 Goldens and poodles are more prone to bloat ( all large dogs to some degree are as well)  ZaZu was a Golden/ standard poodle cross  and very big. 










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Re: Question for those who feed dry dog kibble to their dog.

I think it depends on your dog breed and age. I have GSD's so they need to "crunch".  I also had one that had health issues and I would soften his kibble with a bit of gravy or broth so he could digest it easier. I always try the dry kibble first and see how it works for the dog. If you start with the broth first then it's difficult for them to eat the dry kibble. 
all of my dogs really like the added "goodies" but I am always watching their weight and hips.