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Re: Question for Cat Owners

My cat's favorite scratching post is a cardboard box.  As long as she has a box to scratch she is happy.  Second choice is a  corrugated scratcher like this:

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Re: Question for Cat Owners

Make sure you place the scratching post next to the furniture that's being scratched.

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Re: Question for Cat Owners

@NickNack wrote:

@HannahsGram   I have several, and this is the one my cat uses multiple times a day.  It's very well made.  I've had it for two years, and it still looks brand new.  It's the Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post.  That's how you would search for it on Amazon.  Amazon sells it and so do several other places.



I have this one,too.  Two of my cats like to stand up and scratch on this and I have another that would rather use the flat corrugated one we have on the floor.  We use several different types so that they have a choice.  They don't seem to bother the furniture anymore.

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Re: Question for Cat Owners

My gal likes the scratchers that are made like an S curve that sit on the floor.  The ones I have for her now are 3/4 carpet and the other 1/4 is a heavy sisal.  I ordered mine from Chewy's and paid about $20.00 each for them.  She was clawing my furniture and has stopped that.  I think you can find something like this in Walmart or Petco 


Just an FYI, Gizmo is a sturdy little girl, 12 lbs, and these are holding up fine with her.--Karen


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Re: Question for Cat Owners

I have several types.  I have several of the corrugated box ones that lay on the floor spread around the house in favorite spots and one cat loves it so much he sleeps on it. There's another angled corrugated box one, but that one mostly gets ignored.  There's veritcal sisal posts on the cat trees and those get a lot of use.  I also have one of those S-shaped ones in the bedroom and a couple of my cats like that one.  One of them likes to scratch the sisal part and another cat likes to lay in the cradle.   

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Re: Question for Cat Owners

My only recommendation is for you to be sure the post is tall enough for the kiddencat to get a GOOOOOD STRETCH whilst scratching...


I have witnessed cats in our yard (feral) use the wood fence and they sort of stand up - arch & stretch their back as they glide their nails down the fence.

I guess it must feel good to help yank off the old nails revealing the new.

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Re: Question for Cat Owners

I suggest you keep your kitty's nails clipped.. You don't have to cut them short, just cut off the sharp tip. It might still scratch but won't do as much damage. My current kitty doesn't bother the furniture but has destroyed an area rug in the living room. Oh well ... I love the cat much more than the rug!

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Re: Question for Cat Owners

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Be sure to place the recommended scratchers at the areas where your cat is scratching and also place one near the entrance of the room which will encourage your cat to use the scratcher before heading for the furniture


Also, they don't like citrus smells, like oranges or lemons, so you could make a spray with orange oil or lemon oil, mixed wth some water, and you could spray a little where your cat is scratching...although this could affect the fabric on your furniture, so be sure to do a test...Another option would be to try a few citrus smelling odor gels and place in those areas where your kitty is scratching.


Make sure that your cat's nails are regularly trimmed which can be helpful.


Oh, one more thing...You can get "Sticky Paws furniture strips" from your local pet store...They are practically invisible on your furniture...almost!


                               Sticky Paws Furniture Strips, 24 count



Just think of it this way...The scatchers will add a sweet decorative accent to your home's decor and the citrus smell will serve as a refreshing room deodorizer while everyone will end up being stuck to your furniture!...LOL Cat Very Happy


Good Luck!...Our kitties are worth it all and add pure love and joy to our lives! Heart


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Re: Question for Cat Owners

Hi, how old is your cat and is it a male or female?  I adopted two young kittens from a rescue center in March.  They are now about 6 mos old.  How much time do you spend with your kitty?  I have owned cats since 1981 and all 14 of them are now at Rainbow Bridge. The reason why I wanted kittens was to be able to train them.  At their age, they know the inflection of my voice and understand the word "No", "Good Girl".  I am very gentle with them but they know who's boss.  I trim their claws weekly.


A scratching post is not going to change their behavior. Give your kitty more attention and a lot more love.