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Police Dog Jethro

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I cried like a baby myself. He was shot 3 times.  When the officer called in he said, "my partner has been shot".  Broke my heart.  They had the dog since he was 8 weeks old. Such a hero.

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I know. Whoever shot Jethro should be prosecuted the same as if they had shot a human police officer. 

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This broke my heart.  There was such a bond , I feel for his human.  May I  add I would love five minutes or even less in a room with the creep that did this.

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I work for a neighboring police dept of Canton, Ohio. (Barberton)  Jethro's death was very sad for all of us.  Because of Jethro, his trainer was able to go home to his family.  Just a dog?  I think not!

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I cried too!  Such a sweet animal and was a family member to that police officer's family.  So sad!

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Re: Police Dog Jethro

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awww this is so sad. Smiley Sad I cried just reading how much pain the officer is in since losing his partner and his buddy. What an amazing dog and hero.