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@retiredlegalsecretary, I was wondering how Petunia was doing after DD came home from work.

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Yes Yes, me too, I want to know how Miss Petunia is acting today.

@catter70 , very thoughtfull of your to remember that, you are showing your true feelings you have for the "babies"

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@Dinaki  @catter70  Retired Legal Secretary answers that question in post #31 of her thread "Good Grief, Petunia Is Having A Tantrum."  Petunia was ecstatic to see her daughter when she got home.

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@catter70  A quick update.  She met DD at the door, followed her into kitchen all the while meowing and talking.  Yes, DD was answering.


When they came in the LR Petunia ran into her tunnel waiting for playtime.


She is a very chatty kitty.