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@Marp   My dog is on the same dosage, 1.25mg twice a day.  When I can't get the 1.25, I have done the 2.5 and split them.  Again, good luck and hope you can get some at a good price.

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@BklynKinsey,  I decided to order through and jumped in with both feet.  By joining their membership program for $99 a year I saved $67 on 100 of the 2.5mg tablets.


I will also save significantly when I need to get prescriptions for the diuretic $39 for 60 pills at the vet compared to $17 for 100 pills at the pharmacy for the name brand or $11 for the generic and for the Enalapril the vet charge is $33.75 for 100 pills compared to $10 for 100 pills at the pharmacy.


Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and as expected.

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This drug is frequently back ordered and out of stock.  I have had a difficult getting a supply for a couple of years.


The last time it was out of stock, I purchased six 50 pill bottles of 5 mg as soon as I could.  My dog was prescribed 2.5 mg.  I just split the pills for each dose.


My dog died unexpectedly in October and I had 4 Intact bottles and one almost full with a few pills taken out.  That was a lot of money I spent, as this drug is expensive.


Thankfully, my dog's breeder uses this med for one of her aI packed it up and sent it to her.  At least I didn't have to pitch it.


I always ordered from Allivet.  I noticed that 1-800- Pet Meds has it in stock.