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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

Do It!!!!

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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

As far as the dog being confussed, no.  Many dogs have multiple places they go.  Some go to day care or other homes when people go out of town.  I take mine to my moms while I am at work.  Dogs make themselves at home anywhere they feel safe. 


I admire the couple for spending the time to ensure the dog is going to the best place they can find.  So many just take them to the pound and move on.  It could not be an easy decision for them, let them go throught he process.


As far as you being ready, only you can answer that.  I always felt that when one of my pets left they would want me to fine another one in need to love.  And at the right time I always found one, seems you have too.

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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

I think another play date might be a good idea.  The more you are around this dog will help your heart decide if it's right.  Let us know what you decide and I hope it all works out. 

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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

@SeaMaidenThe doggie sounds like a great match for you and him.  I think that the couple who own him are very attached and are having a hard time parting with him and want to be positive this is the best fit  for him.  Sure sounds like they found a great person and home life for their fur baby.  There's nothing like the love our pets unconditionally give us with just the wisdom in their beautiful eyes to make us forget our sadness. 

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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

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You sound conflicted, deep down on some level. 


A play date is one thing.  Your other dog is a senior now--how will this one do with a much younger dog with endless energy 24/7, not just at a short play date? Food for thought.  


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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please



@Sammycat1  @hayseed0  @Catty2  @CrazyDaisy  @MalteseMomma 


And to all who commented.  Just got back from the dentist....face is NUMB😄


  I just read through your posts and your wonderful comments and  suggestions helped me to decide to call the owners of Buddy.  She was so happy I called, she was crying on the phone.  I think she thought I might decide not to adopt Buddy.


 So, We are going to go over today to the owners home( about 15 minutes away)  and pick Buddy up for an over night stay and stay  through tomorrow.  Then perhaps by tomorrow the owners and us can decide if it should be permanent.


 When I spoke to her on the phone, she said her older son,who is about 11, told her that Buddy would be so happy living with us and running in our back yard and he wanted Buddy to live with us.  That was so sweet! I imagine he is going to miss his dog....But, I told them that they are always welcome to come visit Buddy.   She also said Buddy slept through the night the best he ever had last night  from playing all day with My Golden ,Lola😄


So, I will keep you up on how the next visit goes...fill you in on all the details.  Talk to you soon🙂


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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

@SeaMaiden  You are ready for this lucky puppy to join your family.  What I would do is call the owners, set up another play date after, and ask them to bring the dog's things with them.  That way, the dog will stay.  The owners are probably having a hard time letting go, which is understandable.   Let them know that they can come visit (they won't) any time.  Also, let them know that you understand how they feel, which is why they can visit (they won't), and that you will love this dog and it will be with you forever.

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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please


I wonder if this couple had you in mind to begin with as the perfect match?

After reading your post, it seems your dog has a bond with the other dog and enjoyed the play time. 


I understand you miss your other dog and the pain is still there but the new dog wouldn’t replace your dog who passed. The new dog has it’s own personality, warmth, love and affection. 


The new dog lifted your spirits and brought happiness into your day also. 


Happiness, unconditional love, laughter, silliness, a calm in your heart, are all priceless gifts.


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Search your heart and the answer will become crystal clear. 






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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

You are needed and the answer is yes.

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Re: Pet Lovers need your input please

@SeaMaiden  I can tell by your original post that you have practically made up your mind about this.  Is sounds like a match meant to happen. 


I don't know if you posted about your recent loss of your other dog.  I am sad to hear this and please accept my condolences.  I know that you and your DH are dog people and that you will give Buddy a wonderful life in your home.  We never waited long to bring another dog into our home or hearts after losing one.  It never replaces the lost pet, but it does help fill an ache that their loss leaves.


I am very happy for you and this new member of your family.  How exciting!

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