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@Icegoddess  I would shop around then , vets charge more i was looking at a joint supplement ,i checked on line and vets price was so much more.

@goldensrbest I did check with Chewy which I would expect would be about as cheap as anywhere else considering how popular they are.  They are the same price as my vet IF I get it on AutoShip, more if not.

Those pet food prescription foods are really high, i had no idea.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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Just my opinion, but I feel that the pet food/snacks has risen a lot in the last 6 months +. I shop Chewy for my Beyond cat food because my local stores don't carry the 13 lb bags. About a year ago, it jumped from $18.00 and change to $28.90. My sister and I make an order to get the free shipping. Very rare that I get a coupon. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't trade my kitties for anything. I keep hearing to adopt your pets which I agree with, but it is expensive to have them- to feed and for vet bills.

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Re: Pet Food Price Drop?

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@goldensrbest   My dogs eat Orijen six fish.  It is grain free and I have tried to switch them to something else with grains, but they refuse to eat it.


Both of my dogs are Cardiac patients anyway, so they already have a bad heart ( it runs in their breed) One is really bad and I thought I was going to lose her this week.  I had to take her to the Vet and didn't think I was going to bring her home with me.


A few weeks ago, the other one had pneumonia and I almost lost her.  She spent the night in the hospital in a glass enclosure that had oxygen pumped into it.  She is still coughing and spitting up.


I have a counter full of medications and a ton of vet bills.  I hope I can keep these two alive and comfortable for a while longer.  I have been crying off and on for a few weeks.


i certainly inderstand why people pay so much to keep their pets alive and well.  They are worth it.