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Some here have mentioned that, because they are older, they can't afford to have a pet. I just found this information on Dr. Becker's website and thought it might help some of you get the pet you so richly deserve.

  • National non-profit Pets for the Elderly has paid a portion of pet adoption fees for nearly 100,000 people aged 60 and older
  • Pets for the Elderly is also now offering a new option to help cover the costs of routine veterinary care, surgeries, pet food, grooming and in-home visits for seniors with adopted pets.
  • Phone: 480.625.4679
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What a great program!  Pets do so much for us and everyone who wants one and is a good pet parent should be able to have one, especially the elderly.

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My vet has "senior" rates.

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@Mz iMac 

So does mine but now i am w/o at pet since Oct.26,2020

Not sure if i want another dog at this time..of healing.


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@cowboy sam 


((((HUGS)))) to you..... it does take time.Heart

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Please don't forget, as we get older, we aren't as able to take care of the babies in the way we'd like to.  Our health and flexability isn't always with us, to give the best of care that we want to give pets.  That determines what a lot of us and our pets must consider. 

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Yes, you are right that seniors can have some limitations,  As much as we love dogs, it would be a lot to handle for us.  We did experience the loss of our Maine Coon kitty Lily, and we eventually adopted Winston.  He is definitely mostly Maine Coon.

Maine Coons are said to be “dogs in cat’s clothing.” They are known to be outgoing and quite friendly, and love to be around people. He is never allowed outside, as we have our share of wild animals where we live.  The only downside is maintaining our furball.  Winston goes to a groomer once a month.  More than me at this point.




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I think going forward as the economy slows and money gets a lot tighter, it will become prohibitive for many people to own pets, and breeds will become very rare as people can't afford to breed dogs and cats.  


I also think it will be more difficult for rescue groups to keep older ill animals and to adopt them out.  I can envision facilities packed with animals more than they are now. Especially as more and more ill pets will be given up because people can't afford treatment. 

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Molly has her 8th birthday next month and I'm 72 (DH is 76). The rainbow bridge is probably 6 years away for her. I think at that point, I'm not going to want the responsibility of a pup even though I've never been without at least one.


I think about driving to the vet for appts., long walks in bad weather (too hot or too cold) when I'm almost 80 and the fact that we'll we'll be in a smaller home...maybe in a retirement community. Hopefully, I won't be "alone", but that's a possibility, too.