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I had my chihuahua missing for 10 days and those were the longest 10 days. 


So happy they were reunited 

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Re: Overwhelming Joy!

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One time my new Springer puppy went missing. I had him in a pen in the backyard for  just an hour when I had to leave the house. When I got home he was gone! My heart sank and I cried. Went looking all over the neighborhood for him and finally found him at my next door neighbor's house. They took him inside b/c he was yelping so loudly like someone was trying to kill him. My neighbor said she couldn't stand it any longer so she came and got him. I don't blame her. That was the first and last time I ever left that dog alone and in fact to this day I haven't left any of my dogs alone outside since.

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@Foxxee The things we do for love!  I don't know who appears happier........