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@qvcfreak   That was a great moment when Oreo settled back in and  picked up that toy!  My boy (small poodle)  was 16 years  as well. I know the heartbreak you are in.  I bet they are running around together 😊


My heart is with you. Thank you for sharing Oreo with us....

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Many Pet moms here @DianeJ2  Our babies are so special and I love to see their pics. Cats Dogs horses, all our babies we just love them so

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I'm so sorry about your little Oreo.  Sending hugs to you. 

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@qvcfreak - I am so sorry for your loss!

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@qvcfreak , I'm so sorry for your loss. Making the decision to have Oreo put to sleep is the final act of love and kindness that you can do. We've all here been thru it and it's so very hard. Just rest easy  knowing you did the right thing and he is now at peace. He'll always be in your heart.

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@qvcfreak What a handsome little puppy and such a good long loved life.   How lucky for Oreo and for you for having such love for your boy and receiving it back. You did the most unselfish thing possible.  HUGS xoxox

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@qvcfreak wrote:







My heart goes out to you on

the loss of your precious Oreo.


I know from experience that

the decision that you made to

end his suffering and to set his

spirit free was an extremely

difficult one but it was also the

most beautiful and final act of

your love that you gave to him.



Please find comfort and solace

in the fact that Oreo always

knew how much he was loved,

that he was surrounded by that

same love when you sent him to

The Bridge with dignity and in

peace and that he is now running

like a puppy with all of his new

friends thru the sunlit meadows

of that most blessed place.


I will light a special memorial candle

for sweet Oreo on the pet loss dot com site.


Sending you healing prayers and comfort hugs.





All of my children have paws  =^..^=






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I'm so sorry for your loss.  God bless.

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You set his spirt free. God bless you.

I love my pups!
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@qvcfreak I am so sorry for your loss.  I am about to enter that dreaded journey myself as my boy will be 16 May 4.  Oreo has had a wonderful life and he went in peace with your assistance to the rainbow bridge.  You made all the difference that your baby lived to be such an old age and took such care of him!