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Our Feline Family!

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The past couple of years have been difficult, we lost 7 cats during that time, some were older but a few were not, only 1 was expected-but all took big pieces of our hearts. We were not searching for kitties but 2 fell in my lap just 2 weeks ago. This was difficult since I'm in PA and the kitties were in NC! Their human was no longer able to care for them and could not even remember their names, the kitties were going to a kill shelter so they needed a home. Thanks for Pilots n Paws these sweeties arrived at our local airport 10 days ago.  Please meet Bree and Mellie. (These are their adoption photos, they are currently caged in our family room for decompression!)

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@We rescue cats 


I truly admire you. HeartHeartCat Very HappyHeartHeart



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@We rescue cats, Bless you for doing this work.  may your kindness to our animal friends be rewarded tenfold.  We have always adopted our kitties, and one at a time.  

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@We rescue cats bless you for your kindness.


You saved two lives, you are a true hero.


They look adorable and I love the names.


May you have many happy years together Heart

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@We rescue cats , how good of you to save these kitties. They are beautiful. My sister takes care of a feral colony and has 4 kittens recently born. She'll try to trap them when they are older to be taken care of. 

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@We rescue cats.  Congratulations on your new family members.  Give them lots of love and TREATS.  They'll soon be integrated into the household. 

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@We rescue cats   

                            You are an angel, to take these precious cats.

                             It is so sad, when an owner can no longer care  for them or passes away. It must be so                         traumatic for them to lose their human and their                         home.


                            I hope that they adjust successfully to their new home and thrive with your loving kindness. It is so wonderful that you saved them.




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@We rescue cats Congrats on your new family members!  Kudos to you for adopting these kitties that needed a home. 

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@We rescue cats 


Congratulations on your new family members and for being a wonderful person for rescuing these precious kittens and for all the rescues you save.


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We rescue cats!


Your kindness and compassion are so uplifting and give me hope that there are always good decent people in this world.  Taking these cats in and caring for them is a blessing for them and you.  May they thrive and be happy in their new home and may you be blessed for your kindness.